Rates for property hire

Includes whole property hire, camping with communal area & facilities - $1,800.00 per week hire.

We accept Visa and Mastercard.


Facilities include: large undercover communal area with bar, fridge, 240v power outlets & lighting, electric stove & oven, kitchen sink, dining room table, lounge area, stone built camp fire with bbq and spit roast setup, hot water shower, toilet facilities & lockable dog kennels.

Hunting properties bar area and stools NSW Hunting property's kitchen NSW

terms & conditions of hire.

The "Customer" is noted as being the person whom hires the property from McKinnon Hunting Properties. The "Customer" is deemed as the person who's name appears on the credit card at the time of making the booking. The "Customer" includes other persons noted as "Associates".

All reservations must be paid in full at the time of booking. A copy of each hunters firearms licence and SSAA membership must be produced on arrival to the site. No refunds are given for early departure. All payments must be made using either a Master or Visa Card. All prices include 10% GST. Properties may not be available or accessible due to weather, flood or other restrictions determined by McKinnon Hunting Properties. Bookings maybe postponed because of weather and customers will be given opportunity to rebook another date that suits both parties without a deposit refund.

One written authority to hunt on the property for the hired number of days will be issued to the group hunting on the property once full payment has been made. Only the persons indicated on the permit authority are authorised to hunt or be on the selected property during the hire period. Any other persons not indicated on the authority will be asked to leave the property. Note that it is illegal to hunt on any property without written permission in writing from the property owner. Any persons found to be hunting on this property without our written permission will be referred to local Police.

The issued authority to hunt and/or paid fees do not guarantee a successful hunt as McKinnon Hunting Properties has no control of over vermin or wildlife movements through our properties. The simple permission to hunt provides an opportunity for hunters to access properties that allow the use of firearms during their stay. McKinnon Hunting Properties does not guarantee that pigs, foxes, rabbits or any other vermin will be present during your stay, however property selection and research has been conducted to select and purchase properties that will provide all customers with the best opportunities and hunting experience.

The customer agrees as part of the hire contract that McKinnon Hunting Properties are not responsible for any injuries occurred to any animals or persons during their stay, this includes the customer and their associates. The customer agrees as part of the hire contract that McKinnon Hunting Properties are not responsible for any damage or loss to any property owned by the customer and their associates. The customer agrees as part of the hire contract agreement, that McKinnon Hunting Properties waives all liability, and the customer agrees as part of the hire agreement that they or their associates cannot make claim to any monetry amount in the event of loss, damage or injury to any persons or any property, where damage or injury was obtained during their stay. Any claim to liability caused by the actions of the customer during their stay will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer agrees as part of the hire agreement that they and their associates will conduct all hunting and recreational activities in accordance with NSW laws. Any customer that does not know the laws of NSW should contact the appropriate authorities and seek professional advice prior to hiring any of our properties. Any questions regarding the terms and conditions of hire should be directed to the property manager by calling 0448 623202.

The Customer agrees as part of the hire contract that McKinnon Hunting Properties is the owner and operator of the property and its contents. The Customer agrees that they are liable to pay for any damages or loss to any property caused directly by them or their associates or indirectly by their actions or associates actions. Any claims will be payable by The Customer. Any amount required to cover damages or loss will be allocated against the refundable bond of $250.00. Any amounts left over from the charges will be refunded to The Customer.

Firearms Licence & Permits: Registered firearms are permitted during hunting activities for safety reasons. However target shooting is prohibited during your stay. All sighting in must be done prior to your stay.

Firearm Licences : If you are a resident of NSW you will need a NSW firearms licence and a registered firearm. If you are arriving from another State you will need to have a current state issued firearms licence and a current registered firearm. All firearms licences must be shown to the property manager on arrival to site. If there are any discrepancies regarding firarms and licencing you will be asked to leave the property.

It is mandatory that all hunters having firearms on the property holds current SSAA - Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Membership with $20 million Public Liability Insurance Cover. Any person arriving at the property without SSAA membership will be asked to leave.

Overseas Rifle Hunters Firearms Licences : Hunters from overseas will need to obtain an Overseas Visitors Safari Tour/Hunting Permit. All hunters must apply directly and permits will be issued approximately 40 days from posting.

Hunting Licences Residents: A licence is required in the State of NSW to hunt all deer species, NSW residents and interstate residents will need a G licence to hunt Deer.