hunting properties Faq

1000 acre recreational property for hunters using firearms, dogs & bows. Deal direct with the farmer.

Q1. What hunting options are allowed? A. We allow hunting with firearms, bows and dogs.

Q2. What game is normally found on the property? A. This property is well know for wild pigs. Hares and foxes are also found on the property.

Q3. What is the terrain like? A. We have sandy creeks, open crop lands, mountain & open bushland.

Q4. Do I need a 4WD to get to the property? A. No dirt access road to the property entrance is accessible by 2WD vehicles.

Q5. Do I need a 4WD to get around the property? A. Our trails are all cleared wide enough for vehicular 4WD access. If you do not have a 4WD, let us know and we can arrange for a farm vehicle to be made available during your stay.

Q6. How far is the property from the nearest major town? A. The property is approximately 30km from the nearest major town.The town offers all major facilities and services including service station, supermarket, pub, bakery, butcher and hardware store.

Q7. What are the arrival and departure times? A. Arrivals are 2pm and departures are 10am.

Q8. What facilities are available during our stay? A. We provide mains power to the site, including camp flood lighting around and inside the communal areas. Main appliances include Fridge / Freezer, Electric cook top and oven, kettle & toaster, wood fire BBQ and kebab stick rack. Facilities include hot water shower and toilet.

Q9. What are the sleeping quarters like? A. We have single matress bunk style sleeping facilities. Customers are welcome to bring their swags and camp under the stars.

Q10. Do we need to bring fire wood? A. No fire wood can be found on site and the property manager will provide a chainsaw to help cut wood.

Q11. Can we sight our firearms in at the site? Do you allow target shooting at the camp? A. As we are providing a hunting experience we ask that all customers sight in their firearms off site before arrival to the property. For the same reason target shooting is discouraged.

Q12. What do I need to bring? A. You need to bring your bedding (sleeping bag, blankets, pillow, swags), your own cutlery including knife, fork, spoon, mug, cup, plates, bowls and your hunting equipment, food and beverages.

Q13. What are the average temperature ranges for each season? A.

December, January, February - Night 20oC Day 37oC

March, April, May - Night 5oC Day 25oC

June, July, August - Night -5oC Day 20oC

September, October, November - Night 5oC Day 25oC

Q14. What is the best time of year to book? The seasons do not seem to affect the game. Pigs seem to be more active in the cooler months as a general rule, however hit rates are just as high in the warmer months as they move around to find water sources. We normally find that during winter pigs can be taken any time of the day and night. In the warmer months night time seems to be more active because it is cooler.

If you have any further questions contact the property manager directly on 0448 623202.